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Easy, sustainable landscape plantings at your home.

If you don’t know how to begin, start by contacting us. We started our business 46 years ago with the goal for homeowners to have fun with their landscapes.

Our natural, plant-based installations and organic controls mean lower maintenance and fewer, if any, pesticides.

As you stroll our extensive, ever-changing display gardens, you’ll see exactly how our plants grow and mature. Visit often, because we get frequent fresh deliveries from dedicated growers.

New York State Certified

NYS Certified? You may wonder what it means to be a NYS Certified Landscape Professional. It means that we have studied, practiced in this profession and been tested to demonstrate that we excel in our competence. The ongoing education and periodic stringent exam, created and administered through the cooperation of the NYS Nursery and Landscape Association and Cornell University, covers an encompassing knowledge of the landscape nursery industry. Sollecito Landscaping Nursery stands out among NYS Certified Professionals with our team of Lifetime Senior Certified Professionals, the newest and highest credentials available, demonstrating our advanced skills and technical expertise. Certified Professionals must continue our education and testing to maintain our certification. (This is different than training or certification offered by a big box store for its own employees, which is not regulated by any industry standard.)


Judged on creativity and practical application, Sollecito design installations have been selected more than 23 times for New York State’s top prize in the residential landscaping design competition.

Homeowners often choose to install in phases as time and budget allow. Our Lifetime Senior NYS Certified Landscape Professionals will specially design a flexible and affordable plan for the outdoor setting of your dreams. Let’s turn your budget into a real winner!